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September 19th, 2003 at 10:08 pm

looks like a dog, acts like a dog, smells like … a duck

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Sure, she looks like a dog.
And sounds like a dog.
And acts like a dog.
But she smells like a duck.
Dogs are such low lifes. They have no couth between them. None.
My Maisie is a fine example.
Hmmm, is there something disgusting out here to eat? Yes? Then, I’ll eat it! (This morning was not so bad – she found a chicken and lettuce sandwich and an apple, both of which she ate, including the greaseproof paper in which they were wrapped).
Hmmm, is there something disgusting out here to roll in. Yes? Then, I’ll roll in it! (This morning it was the dreaded duck poo. Good for smearing to really get the odour de’ duck spread across every stinking fibre of her coat. Very, very rank.)
I am deeply unimpressed.
I’d like to say that she is just acting out because she misses her other mum who is away at the moment. It’s not true though. She actively likes to eat and roll in things disgusting.
It’s just what dogs do. (Even if they are cunningly disguised as ducks!)

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