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September 24th, 2003 at 5:55 pm

ode to the postman

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Andreas is our postie.
He’s about the most accommodating human being I’ve ever met.
Nothing is ever too much trouble.
He’s happy to wait without complaint while I count through the mail which should have all been tallied up before he arrives.
He has a lovely accent.
Everything is fantastic. Terrific. Marvellous.
Whatever we do is always much appreciated.
And he’s never short on a compliment.
Today’s was “You have a million dollar smile, Jacqualine.”
Then down the stairs and out the door.
Maybe one day he’ll learn that it’s the short, feisty red-haired one that’s Jacqualine, and not the taller, paler, more freckly one which happens to be me.
Nevertheless, my admiration remains undiminished!!

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