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September 17th, 2003 at 6:27 pm

adam is bored

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It is not enough now for Adam, our indefatigable personal trainer, simply to come down to Footscray Park twice a week with his implements of torture at the ready (medicine balls, weights, those stretchy things, skipping ropes, etc) and a new boot-camp style regime of exercise to inflict upon us.
Oh, no. Star Fitness Inc has moved on into the match making game (abley assisted, I might add, by one of my partners-in-exercise and Adam’s star pregnant lady client the lovely Melia).
Apparently, it’s the new ‘holistic’ approach to fitness.
Adam appears to feel he is on a mission to find me the perfect man among his clients. He has already come up with a couple of suggestions and arrived on Monday with a photograph of the person he thinks is the most eligible. “You’d get along great”, he assures me. “His name is ….. [recites list of relevant statistics.]”
I am aghast.
Everyone else is immensely interested.
With such a panel of experts working on my behalf, Adam finds them and Melia vets them while Justine appears to find the whole thing a little too hilarious, who knows what the future might hold?

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