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April 14th, 2003 at 4:12 pm

what is the point of a personal trainer if you can’t get up off the ground?

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Session number two with Adam, the personal trainer, today.
As was not raining I had great anticipation that I would move onto greater things. Reality strikes a fatal blow, however.
About halfway through the session we were doing some ‘ab’ work wherein the personal trainee (ie. me) lies on a mat on the ground with the personal trainer (ie. Adam) standing on her feet and cajoling her to perform ‘ab crunches’. This great physical feat is enlivened by the fact that the personal trainee is wearing boxing gloves and, when she contracts her ‘abs’ she reaches up to do two punches into big mitts which the personal trainer is holding above her (just ever so slightly out of reach).
I manage about a half a dozen. This is no way near enough to fill in a minute’s worth of physical activity. The rest of the park is treated to the spectacle of me lying on the ground completely incapable of raising myself from the turf while a perky personal trainer stands on my feet waving punching mitts threateningly over my prone corpse.
Is the point of a personal trainer to have the personal trainee languishing on the ground – unable to move? I thought the point of the personal trainer was to make me move around a bit more! Clearly I have been deluded in my expectations.
Perhaps I am really more the armchair athlete? I suspect so.
And my reasoning?
I’m currently LEADING my footy tipping competition!! And greater validation for my armchair athleticism I could not find!

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