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April 16th, 2003 at 2:23 pm

the singing teacup

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Another particularly gruelling session in the park this morning.
With Adam, the personal trainer.
It rained again. Some comment was passed that the rain had only begun since my entrance into the land of personal trainerdom. (Yeah, right! I LIKE to exercise in the rain!)
Someone asked me recently how I could stand these sessions. Well, its partly because I spend a lot of my time there lying incoherent and unmoving on the turf (no standing required), but its mostly because I share the time with three other smart, funny, fitter than me, women and our collective (three) dogs (the comic relief!) Today I think we all suffered a little bit.
When I eventually arrived at work I decided I’d make myself (and my office mate, Trish) a soothing cup of tea. My legs were really hurting but I was sure a cup of tea would help.
I boiled the kettle. I poured the water. …And the teacup began to sing!! (Or at least emit a high pitched whiney noise – quite a lot like bad singing, in fact.) Enthralled by this curiosity, I showed it to everyone in close proximity and made them listen carefully. They all agreed it did sound like it was singing – except for one person who made supercilious remarks about the porous nature of the cup and the effects of hot water and a cooler general temperature.
Nevertheless, I believe the teacup sang – a just reward for an early morning of exercise.

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3 Responses to “the singing teacup”

  1. alfred prufrock Says:

    what was the teacup singing ?
    im in a choir and get great joy from singing about the Lord.

  2. Rae Says:

    My guess would be that the mug was singing Olivia’s “Let’s get physical”

    Well… tis an obvious guess….

  3. trevor Says:

    The undying folly of suburban graphomania is to imagine that one’s own thoughts are important. This is not true. The singing kettle is a senseless trope employed to invoke the better world that does not quite exist.