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April 7th, 2003 at 3:12 pm

what’s your superpower?

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I was having a chat this morning with a friend of mine (Hi Andrew – if you read this!!) about, among other things, the subject matter of my blog. Taking a cue from this conversation another of our friends, Kathy (Hi to you too, if you read this!!), made the comment with reference to my entry ‘Taking the hard out of hard rubbish’, that I had turned the art of charming someone else into doing stuff for me into a superpower.
A superpower! I have always wanted a superpower.
This has caused some discussion in my workplace; everyone wants their own superpower.
I decided to test my hitherto latent powers on Smith Street. Unfortunately, I had left my purse at home today – so no money to buy any lunch. However, given my newfound superpower, I thought I would see if I could finagle a lunch from somewhere.
(Some time later)
Humphhff – no luck. Fortunately I had recourse to the staff kitty – so did not go hungry.
While I am unwilling to relinquish my newfound superpower – I do admit that it is a bit random in its application. But then, I guess all superheroes do find their powers are a little unstable initially. At least until they learn to harness their powers – for good (of course!) not evil.

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One Response to “what’s your superpower?”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Wow, Andrew & I are famous!! We are stoked!
    Andrew’s superpower is “Crossing Cultural Barriers at a Single Bound” (ie. explaining technical stuff in ENGLISH to normal people), while mine, I’ve decided, is “Perserverance Even in the Face of Common Sense and Reason”. (Otherwise known as Obstinancy, or Sheer Bloodymindness 🙂
    Oh, and BTW – Baby VERS says hi!