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April 11th, 2003 at 11:00 am

i’m a machine!!

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Have just staggered in to work after first ever session with personal trainer.
Alarm at 6.15 am, down to park for 6.30 am start. Running, jumping, lifting, pushing, skipping, staggering, breathing really heavily. And being rained on. Incessantly.
(Brand new hair ruined in one fell swoop.)
Adam, said personal trainer, is 24 and cute as a button. He’s very enthusiastic and very affirming; part way through the session he says: “Go Marita, doing well, you’re a machine!” (As I lay in a puddle of water on the ground.) Gross over exaggeration not to mention more than mildly amusing. I might even go back.
I just hope I’ll be able to lift up my arms sometime during the next week/millenium.

Just a note on the Comedy Festival: if you’re casting about for something to see but not sure what, go and see ‘Gerry of Arabia’. He is a delight. We went last night and he was lovely.

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