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April 10th, 2003 at 2:31 pm

there is tea in my shoes

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Sigh. It’s just one of those days.
I’m having a clumsy day.
Have just dropped a cup of tea all over my keyboard, all over my chair, all over my lap and all over my shoes.
I did not expect so much liquid could come out of a fairly standard sized tea cup. It was hot too.
Went to toilet in endeavour to dry off under hand dryer. Look in mirror and somehow have got pen all over my chin.
Suggestion that should go out and buy new (dry) skirt has been scoffed at. Retail therapy not deemed an appropriate response to this crisis.
However, lovely office mate just gave me sympathy chocolate biscuit. Things are looking up!

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6 Responses to “there is tea in my shoes”

  1. edward r hoarton Says:

    what color pen ?

  2. missmarita Says:

    It was purple.
    Nice pen though, just in wrong place.

  3. alfred j prufrock Says:

    so was it a moustache and beard, that would look funny.

  4. missmarita Says:

    Oh, that I was so debonair!
    Unfortunately it was more like squiggles with a larger splotchy bit.
    Gone today, however.

  5. alfred j prufrock Says:

    that’s a shame, i like babes with facial hair…

  6. trevor Says:

    The banality of suburban experience aches for portents of significance. The recounting of the singing kettle experience is an unexpressed hope that something real may happen.