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my own personal fanclub

On the weekend I put six pairs of gardening gloves into the washing machine. (That’s three pairs each for all the gardening members of my household. A tad excessive you might think – but they date back to a couple of working bee days we’ve had where volunteers turn up to assist with more-than-two-person renovation […]

you are humphrey bear

In the course of a conversation: He says: “You’re a regular Humphrey Bear aren’t you, Marita?” She says: “I’m a what?” He says: “You’re just like Humphrey Bear.” She says: “Oh.” Pause. She says: “OK, so just what do you mean?” He says: “Well, you lead a very exciting life.” She says: “Oh, just shut […]

not what I expected

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My workplace is salubriously located a few doors down from a brothel. It’s mostly quite unassuming (except for the name of the establishment which is painted in large letters on the front window – thereby not really constituting what is usually thought of as ‘unassuming’ at all). By and large however, it’s pretty discreet. Its […]


Moseying down the street to catch the train to work this morning I noted a new sign at the corner of a largish intersection. In flashing lights it urged drivers to ‘Give way to peds’. I did a double take having initially read it as ‘Give way to beds’ (and given my recent sightings of […]

sick’nseedy:a tale in two words

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Bad pasta. Food poisoning. Felt miserable. Threw up. Other stuff. Went home. Better now. Sort of.

you’ve got a gift

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My new driver’s licence arrived in the post yesterday (or ‘Driver licence’ as the card is actually entitled.) For the last week or so I’ve been using a signed piece of paper with a receipt for $40 stapled to it in lieu of the usual plastic card with my photo on it. An interim measure […]

new flora discovered in Footscray Park

Walking the dog in Footscray Park is always a bit of an adventure. There’s all the usual park type stuff along with a lot of detritus which, generally speaking, should have bypassed the park and gone straight to the bin. Typically, this is the stuff the dogs love the most. Today we discovered a new […]

night of the mobile mattresses

Tonight I saw not one, not two, but three mattresses at various moments during my trip home from Uni. The first, a fetching blue and white striped number, was heading in a westerly direction on the Sydenham line train. The second, a garish floral number, was again heading in a broadly westerly direction near the […]