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September 15th, 2003 at 2:47 pm

my own personal fanclub

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On the weekend I put six pairs of gardening gloves into the washing machine. (That’s three pairs each for all the gardening members of my household. A tad excessive you might think – but they date back to a couple of working bee days we’ve had where volunteers turn up to assist with more-than-two-person renovation tasks in return for a pair of gardening gloves, beer and a free lunch!)
Anyway, freshly laundered, I put them out on the line in the sunshine to dry. Little bit of sunshine and lots of wind – they’ll dry in no time.
As I pottered about the yard it was hard not to notice them flapping madly in the wind. At one stage I had the distinct impression that twelve little green and yellow hands were waving at me.
This was topped off by a particularly vicious gust of wind which whipped the gloves into a frenzy – it was just like an audience of six frantically applauding my gardening efforts.
In the midst of this chorus of approval I took a bow in the general direction of my ‘public’ hanging out on the clothes line.
And with a flourish disappeared inside the house to reward my fine efforts with a hot cup of tea ‘n a biscuit.

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3 Responses to “my own personal fanclub”

  1. Daniel Says:

    That sounds like a very surreal moment.
    I spotted another mattress on the loose in my neighbourhood yesterday, apparently having escaped its wrangler.

  2. missmarita Says:

    Surreal indeed.
    Nevertheless nice to be appreciated!

  3. Rob Says:

    I had a similar moment on the weekend as I hung my washing on the line. It appeared as though my freshly laundered underwear was giving me the pelvic thrust. It was most disturbing, I didn’t know where to look.