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September 9th, 2003 at 6:01 pm


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Moseying down the street to catch the train to work this morning I noted a new sign at the corner of a largish intersection.
In flashing lights it urged drivers to ‘Give way to peds’. I did a double take having initially read it as ‘Give way to beds’ (and given my recent sightings of roving mattresses that may well have been apt!)
But, if not beds, give way to what?
Pedants? (I know several locals, but not enough to warrant a sign surely.)
Peddlers? (It is Footscray, after all.)
Pedestals? (At a stretch.)
I wonder what I’ll see the next time I try to round that corner in the car?

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2 Responses to “signage”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Ken Peddersen? (A guy I used to work with.)
    Personal Electronic Device?

    Hmmm… Ped Ped, n. [OE. See Peddler.] A basket; a hammer; a pannier. [Obs.] –Halliwell.

  2. missmarita Says:

    Smarty pants