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July 16th, 2006 at 4:17 pm


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It’s quite amazing where paint gets – even when you try to contain it within pretty tight parameters.
For example, today I have painted two doors.
So there is paint on the doors.
There is also paint on the brushes, paint pots, wiping up rags and drop sheets immediately associated with the painting process.
Then there’s paint on my pants, under my fingernails, smeared near my right eyebrow and, inexplicably, also on my right ear lobe.
Of course, there’s paint in my hair. I really should paint in a hat because, without fail, I manage to get it in my hair.
And there’s paint on the dog.
On the pad on her right back foot.
So there’s also little paint footprints everywhere between the hallway (where the painting is taking place) and outside.
Or at least there was until I cleaned it up.
And then cleaned the dog.
I’m sure she thought she was helping.

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One Response to “paint”

  1. Miss Trish Says:

    My colleague had her house painted. She fairly told the painter, after the event, that she would pay for the first roller and brush that her golden lab stole and ate, but that any others were his responsibility for not learning from the first theft of equipment. Dogs & paint don’t mix!