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April 17th, 2005 at 11:21 pm

the little nursemaid

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I had a sick day off work last week. Just felt rotten so stayed home with the dog for company. Didn’t do much – just snoozed and took things quietly. I had a little watcher looking out for me most of the day (at least when I was in the non-scary parts of the house). She was happy to curl up beside me and wait things out. I’m always amazed at how sensitive she is to moods or illness. Occasionally, she’d come over and try to lick my nose – in the canine world that’s the way to make things better. So cute. (But a bit annoying after the 50th time!)

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One Response to “the little nursemaid”

  1. Somebody Says:

    ‘Ello. Stopping by. Have cold right now. Wish I had a dog…that would cheer me up. Anyway. Enjoy your blog. Au Revior.