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April 1st, 2003 at 3:20 pm

conversations with b(l)ank people

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Further on my sudden massive increase in available credit.
Decided to ring the bank today to see if the approval of a $20,000 credit limit was, in fact, real or, more likely, a typo.
Yes, two people were able to tell my that my credit limit had been increased to $20,000. No, it did not appear to be a typo, it was actually $20,000.
Did you know this figure represents substantially more than half my current annual income?
Could I perhaps change it to something more like $2000 ie. what I had asked for the the beginning? Would be prepared to accept $5000 if pushed.
Only if you put on a red hat, spin around three times and jump through hoops.
Well, red hat, three spins and several hoops later it appears that my credit limit has indeed been reduced to $2000. A confirmation letter will follow. Who knows what it will contain – although a colleague has warned me that I might find the credit limit has been reduced to $200!
As a customer I’d have assumed the bank would have more control over its zeros.

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