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April 21st, 2004 at 11:27 am

welcome to dumpsville …

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Population: You.

It’s one of the best lines from ‘The Simpsons’. And truly – the only one I can remember.

It’s brought to mind today as I sit here to write about my relationship with my … personal trainer.

Adam has been slack lately. He’s just not turning up for the 6.30 am starts. He does not ring to let us know he won’t be coming. He has his phone turned off when we try to ring him. He offers only half-arsed excuses when we do see him. He’s not trying any more.

Well, two can play that game mister.

A colleague picked up a business card for a local personal trainer on the weekend for me, suggesting that I casually let it fall from my pocket when I take my jacket off before we start the next session.

I, too, can sleep through an alarm and leave him stranded, lonely and cold, in Footscray Park at 6.30 am in the morning. (Indeed – I have done so, even if by accident!)

If we’re going to break up – it’s going to be as hard for him as it is for me!

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7 Responses to “welcome to dumpsville …”

  1. Justine Says:

    You quite a fan of the ellipsis at the moment.

  2. Kathy Says:

    She caught it from me … I’m a chronic ellipsis over-user and Marita’s been reading ma blog. Sorry …


  3. Trish Says:

    The ellipsis is a v. useful blog/e-mail tool …

    So …
    there …


  4. Trish Says:

    P.S. Thanx heaps, not, for the coughing fit, that followed the sharp intake of breath, that followed reading your blog entry title, just now!

  5. Daniel Says:

    I might have got a shock too, if I hadn’t been told about this blog entry (and what it’s about)before I read it!

  6. kathryn Says:

    I had a personal trainer once and she kept ringing with excuses not make her appointments. I thought that is my job, the excuses. Her job is to make me exercise. Damn trainer.

  7. charm Says:

    my personal trainer would switch off his phone before one of our appointments so i couldnt cancel 🙂
    he never missed a session and never let me miss one either. I miss my trainer!!!