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and now we have doors

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After almost twelve months, doors have returned to the house. The dust-gathering blankets and sheets long employed to perform door-like duties have been banished and revamped doors stand in their place. They open. They close. They’re great. They will only be problematic for the dog who, I fear, may have grown a little too used […]

my new wardrobe

For quite some time I decided that I was no longer going to wear make-up to work. And I didn’t for ages. And I don’t think I looked too bad. And then a few weeks ago I rediscovered my lovely red lipstick and decided, in a fit of pre-work levity, that I would put it […]

the writing’s on the wall

For the second year in a row I’ve enrolled to do a particular subject at Uni – Mass Communication Law and Regulation (rivetting, I know, nevertheless I’d like to do it). And for the second year in a row RMIT has canned it one week prior to classes starting – due to lack of interest. […]


It’s quite amazing where paint gets – even when you try to contain it within pretty tight parameters. For example, today I have painted two doors. So there is paint on the doors. There is also paint on the brushes, paint pots, wiping up rags and drop sheets immediately associated with the painting process. Then […]

the cuteness of it all

Our dog is not so smart. But she’s smart enough to know that she’s cute. And her cuteness is one of her few weapons against us. She’s ruthless with the cuteness.

tuesday is …

Cleaning Day. Our cleaner arrives and departs sometime during the day and we come home to a house that’s spick and span. We communicate via little notes. It’s like the elves have been.


The parentals are both turning 65 this year. So a family party is in order. There’s been much discussion over what to do, where to do it and who should participate. My suggestion was lunch at the restaurant at Mitchelton Winery. But it looks like I’ve been gazumped by the popular vote for Euroa’s ‘Jumping […]

sticks ‘n stones

So, I’m Princess Apostrophe, eh? Hummphhff. Well, I LIKE a strong, well placed, shapely apostrophe. I think it’s a good thing. So there.

life in the ‘scray

The suburb I live in is changing. It’s an incremental change so the neon vibrancy of the Vietnamese community and culture remains strong. But every now and then I notice another restaurant or grocery store or hair dresser (complete with a fascinating array of hair products) or even clothes store (at The Crib you can […]

wishing for the sun

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“See ya – I’m going for a solarium”, said a colleague, literally sprinting out the door. I’m a person who spends her life mostly hiding out from the sun’s burning rays because I can’t tan and I’m also a complete novice when it comes to fake alternatives. Still, I thought you went to the solarium. […]