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and a new band was born

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You know those conversations you have when you think that both participants are talking about the same thing but it slowly dawns that you’re actually not? We were talking about UK bands and tours and the like. I was talking Arctic Monkeys. He was talking Snow Patrol. Out of the confusion was born the ‘Arctic […]

well …

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I recently went to a seminar on ‘wellness’ (it was a work thing) where there was a lot of talk about simple strategies to enhance the, well … “wellness” of employees in workplaces. One of the strategies was simply to encourage people to exercise more. “Go and take the dog for a walk around the […]

can you spot the monkey on her back?

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And there’s definitely an evil twinkle in her eye!

of lifts and other scary moving devices

Taking the short cut to the kitchen to make a cup of tea at work I was pounced on by a lady in a woolly beret. “Are you going to the lifts?” she asked. We were standing in the corridor with six lifts. “I’m going to get a cup of tea, but don’t worry, you’re […]

+ one umbrella

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It was a cold and damp morning. The train was filled to capacity. The crush of commuters kept even those without a hand hold wedged upright. All those extra overcoats, hats, gloves and scarfs filling the carriage buffered us in a strangely woolly atmosphere. At the next stop the doors opened and we tumbled out. […]