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up side

I guess the upside of losing your handbag (I know I’m harping on this topic) is that you get to replace the contents with new and/or improved versions. Yesterday I got some new glasses. (No change to the prescription required.) And while I greatly lament the passing of of my old pair I think I’ll […]

time for some magic

After a frustrating week of attempting to recompile the contents of my lost/stolen handbag, I admit defeat. I’m going to see Harry Potter No. 3 tonight. At the moment anything which takes me away from reality is appreciated.


My truly great driver’s licence photo is on file with Vicroads! So I don’t have to risk a new one (but paid $17.30 for the privilege on my brand spanking new, increased limit, credit card.) I do have to have a new photo done for my Uni card however – but, trust me, the only […]

just a suggestion

Or what comes out of idle office chatter over a cup of tea and the newspaper … If there was ever a man who could use an hour or so with Carson, Kyan and Thom et. al. of “Queer Eye …” fame it’s Saddam Hussein. He’s looking pretty rough in all the pictures which have […]